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Emergency Dentistry in Des Moines

End your toothache today at Smiles On Hickman

Emergency Dental

Just $95 for a full evaluation and X-ray

Stop your toothache now!

The Emergency Dental Office at Smiles on Hickman Dental is now open a ready to end your dental pain!

Stress free emergency appointment for just $95. If you do require more advance treatment to end your pain we will make you comfortable and then advise you of what treatment is needed and what the additional costs would be before we go any further.

“I was surprised and feel very special being in this clinic. The entire team was well coordinated for my appointment. They have really affordable dentistry I found in Des Moines. In the future, I will be recommending this clinic.” – Robert M, 5* Google Review

Smiles On Hickman 7506 Hickman Road Des Moines, IA 50324

Emergency Dentistry in Des Moines

  • Are you suffering with Broken Crowns?
  • Are you suffering with Toothache?
  • Are you suffering with Broken Fillings?
  • Are you suffering with Bleeding Gums?

Emergency Dental Services at Smiles On Hickman

Urgent Dental Care in Des Moines

A dental emergency is caused by sports injuries or other accidents that affect your teeth or jaw in the form of tooth loss, toothache, or chipped teeth. The faster you consult an emergency dentist near you during a dental emergency, the higher the chances are of saving the affected tooth through emergency dental care.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

Emergency dentistry deals with dental emergencies needing immediate attention due to pain or injury. Remember that if a dental emergency is neglected, it can result in severe dental problems. So if you are uncertain about an emergency, contact us immediately to ensure whether emergency dental treatment is required.

Loss of Temporary Crown

Temporary dental crowns are kept in place as space holders until the permanent crowns are ready. If you lose a temporary crown, call our office and we will see you on the same afternoon or the following day. Re-cementing a temporary crown is a quick process that usually takes about 20 minutes.

Toothache Relief

If you experience tooth pain or severe discomfort, see your dentist in Des Moines as soon as possible because it can be a symptom of a more significant issue that needs immediate attention.

Swollen Jaw Relief

Different issues ranging from dental trauma to infection can cause a swollen jaw, which calls for an emergency dental visit. If you have developed a swollen jaw, avoid chewing gums and hard foods to avoid excess stress on your jaws and try applying moist heat to the jaw joint to reduce the pain. You can also take some over the counter anti-inflammatory medications as it can be beneficial.

Lost Filling and Crown Repair

It can be excruciating if you lose a dental crown or filling. If it happens, call our emergency dental care as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Infection or Abscess

Developing unexpected infections can also lead to severe pain and loss of sleep. Dental infections should not be ignored. Contact your dental office immediately if you notice pimples or swelling on your gums as these could be a sign of dental infections.

Dental Repair

Accidents can sometimes injure our teeth and result in the teeth being broken, chipped, or knocked out. In such dental emergencies, apply pressure to the bleeding area with gauze or a clean towel. If your lips and cheeks are also injured, a visit to the emergency room might be needed to get stitches.

For any other medical or urgent dental care issues, call 911 immediately to find the care you need.

Emergency Dentistry in Des Moines

End your toothache today at Smiles On Hickman

Emergency Dental

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